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MCABSL is searching for volunteers

We are looking for those individuals who love animals and will be willing to help out
during our events and fundraisers. We are also looking for members who would like to spread awareness throughout the community. Our organization has
developed flyers, business cards, wrist bands, t-shirts, and other promotional literature to distribute freely. We hope to educate the public about breed awareness, responsible ownership and animal rehabilitation. Our ultimate goal is to prove that Breed Specific Legislation solves nothing. Most importantly, we hope to change the image of the American Pit Bull Terrier, as well as the other bully breeds who so often get a “bad rap”. They deserve to be known for what they truly are – the most loving, loyal, intelligent, patient and devoted pets in the world! If you share the same ideals, and you have a passion for helping animals, volunteering with the Miami Coalition Against Breed Specific Legislation, would be a great opportunity for you. We invite all members to lend a helping hand. Remember that together we can make a difference!

Volunteering Opportunities Include:

  • Helping with raffles, games and other activities at our booths during our events and fundraisers
  • Raising awareness by speaking to the public during seminars and workshops
  • Working with some of our rescue animals and assisting our adoption coordinators
  • Assisting the fundraising committee with the collection of contributions
  • Creating promotional tools and literature to help market the organization and our mission
  • Participating in the planning and execution of MCABSL events and fundraisers

Please contact board member Alexandra at alexandra.mcabsl@gmail.comWe appreciate your time and consideration. We will respond to you as soon as possible.





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