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Fallen Angels

“We will meet again…. someday”


Breed Specific Legislation has contributed to the senseless death of so many animals. Animals who are captured within a county where they are banned are taken into high kill shelters and euthanized without a chance for adoption. They are not evaluated on their temperament or behavior, and it doesn’t matter if they are well-behaved family dogs. The only thing that matters is their breed. They are given days, sometimes only hours, to allow certain rescue groups to pull them from these shelters. Organizations like our own have helped to pull as many of these innocent animals as possible, but unfortunately there is only so much that can be done. It is for this reason that we ask everyone to TAKE A STAND against Breed Specific Legislation. These bans do nothing to solve real issues such as dog fighting and animal cruelty. These ordinances have proven that they don’t work. They take beloved pets away from their families, only to let them be killed in vain. Let’s solve the real problem: FIGHT to STOP Breed Specific Legislation! Support the Miami Coalition Against Breed Specific Legislation. 

Today it’s my dog, tomorrow it may be yours!

Below are the images of animals that have been KILLED because of BSL. Don’t let this same injustice happen to you and your pet. Together we can fight these inhumane ordinances.



Chocolate is the reason why MCABSL was formed and why thousands of dog’s lives have been saved.  Dahlia, our Founder, rescued her many years back, she was found on the streets of Miami, in horrible condition. This dog had lead a miserable life of abuse, fought and over bred. Dahlia took her in and found her a loving home where she remained until the end. Chocolate “Choci” died peacefully this past September 2012 peacefully in Dahlia’s arms at the approximate age of 15 1/2 yrs old due to a medical condition brought on by old age. Choci, will forever be our inspiration and will be greatly missed by all those whose lives she touched. R.I.P. Sweet Girl.

“Evidence”, Our beloved mascot


Our beloved mascot was discarded like garbage at the age of 12 years. We took him in from Miami-Dade Animal Services and soon after, he became very ill. We believe that he was not only sick, but heart broken to be left behind by his owner due to BSL in Miami-Dade. Even though he was with us a very short time, we made sure he knew what it was to be loved and appreciated, up until the time he left us. Rest In Peace Sweet Boy…We will continue the fight for all the dogs like you that will need our help until our mission of removing BSL is done!

“Ruger”, The inspiration behind Rugaz Rescue


This dog was truly the start of it all for Devlyn, the Director/Founder of Rugaz Rescue Inc. He came to Devlyn, as a simple fluke of timing. She went to visit her local SPCA one day to see some old friends and someone pointed out they had a dog she would absolutely fall in love with. Well she walked in the kennel, and low and behold, she did instantly fall in love with his face.

She lived in an apartment which wouldn’t allow an APBT, so she diligently started looking for other places to move. She found a home that was not breed specific and she would move in and have Ruger by her side.The SPCA claimed he was only “5 years old, just beat up”. Well after getting Ruger settled into their new home she took him to her veterinarian who aged him to be around 12 years old. Not only was she devastated that her new companion was so old, but felt completely taken advantage of with her feelings and emotions.

The age made Devlyn uncomfortable but didn’t stop her from fulfilling her commitment and love to Ruger. She already had an unmeasurable bond with this dog that most people could not imagine.He walked by her side, unleashed, day after day, as they installed the new fencing at the new house, never once leaving her side. For eight months he was her everything, her companion, who many would jokingly refer to as her husband.

When you ask Devlyn why she didn’t take him back to the SPCA after learning his true age, or why she immediately loved him the way she did, this is her answer: “From the moment I put my hand on his kennel and touched him, I knew he would become my world.” They loved each other unconditionally and were fully emotionally connected. He never had an accident in the house, never chewed one thing in their new home that wasn’t his, he accepted any dog I brought our way, he was an amazing car rider, and he never needed to be leashed because he never left her side. He always walked incredibly on a leash, though not needing one, he loved children with his whole heart, and above all he truly was an Ambassador for his breed. Though she only had Ruger for those short eight months, she wouldn’t change their time together for the world. 

After her incredible time spent with Ruger, Devlyn has rescued 9 Senior dogs herself and implemented the “Project Golden Years” in Rugaz Rescue Inc.

There is no doubt in Devlyn’s mind that her Ruger is waiting for her and she, herself, longs for the day when they are reunited forever.”



Known as the classy gentleman… that was Redford…   and more poignantly al Ed, but as Red he was quite the personality. The first canine our family ever had. He was my first real travel buddy, my first and favorite college room mate, drinking/study buddy, travel friend, and even my skating buddy (when I was in shape).
He was always there for me…knew how I felt every day and was here for me when I needed him. As my best friend and brother, I am so ever thankful to God that he was assigned to be my guardian angel while on this earth with me and for the rest of my existence. I never have a thought where he is not present and I never spend a day without thanking him and God for sharing the incredible 13 years we shared. We loved…  We lived…  We laughed…  We cried…  We danced…  We ate…  and We traveled. God bless you for always being there for me, as well as my grandmother (who NASA will never love another pet (possibly even another person) more than she loved red.  Güely says.   “cada dia que conozco mas la humanidad- mas quiero a mi mascota .” He was an Ambassador for the breed. In his name, honor and memory…I will continue to fight BSL and prove to the world just what a Pit Bull really is. Rest in peace my friend…you’ve earned your wings!
Lennox & his family lost their fight on July 11, 2011. He was removed from his home where he was a Service Dog for his beloved little girl. Despite all the attempts by his family and many celebrities, the government in Belfast, chose to murder Lennox just because he resembled a “Pit Bull Type” dog. This fight was a long and hard one over the course of a few years and in the end, the family was not even granted a final farewell. Their plea fell on deaf ears to hold their dog one last time or even reclaim his body for burial/cremation. A letter issued to them stated they “might get some ashes in the mail”. We must never forget the fight many like this family have endured and will continue to endure if the ignorance of BSL continues to reign supreme. 
R.I.P. Sweet Lennox,  know your family loved you and fought for you and will never forget you.

          Damian & Steve