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News & Events

Director Dahlia Canes and Board Member Raquel Cruz on Channel 7 news

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MCABSL Documentary


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Goshe and I at pac walk 2013

Dahlia Canes -Executive Producer

Dahlia Canes  is an active animal advocate and “hands on” rescuer. At this time, she is focusing on animal cruelty issues, legislative matters and Breed Specific Legislation. She is the Director and Founder for the Miami Coalition Against Breed Specific Legislation, which is presently fighting to have the 23 year old Pit Bull Ban in Miami Dade County, removed.“Breed Specific Legislation is an inhumane tool, used to deal with man’s destruction of their own fears. It targets innocent animals, that were not put on this earth to be judged by us.” – Dahlia Canes


Carla Forte-Film Director

Carla Forte is a performer, scriptwriter and film director. Forte is the founder and Executive Director of Bistoury Physical Theatre and Film. She has directed Video-Art works featured at venues worldwide. Her cinematographic work includes the documentary The Holders, which World Premiered at the Miami International Film Festival , Short films “Imaginarium” and “Reset” selected for Cannes film festival’s Short Film Corner; as well as the feature film Urban Stories, Winner of Best Screenplay, Best Cinematography and Best Feature Film at Bootleg Film Festival in Toronto; and Honorable Mention at both Los Angeles Movie Awards and Lucerne International Film Festival, Switzerland


Alexey Taran-Associate Producer and Director of Photography

Alexey Taran is a Physical Theatre Director and Producer of  Alexey Taran received a Guggenheim Fellowship in 2007. He has been awarded by the New Music USA, the National Performance Network (NPN) Performance Residency Program, Artist in Residence program awards and Co-Production from Internationals Summer Theater Festival Hamburg; Künstlerhaus Mousonturm, Frankfurt; House of the Cultures of the World, Berlin and Tanztheater International Hannover in Germany

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Alexandra Millet-Assistant Producer

Alexandra is studying Recreational therapy at FIU in hopes of becoming an Occupational and Physical therapist and work  with disabled children. Her mission is to assist in educating the community about pitbulls as well as to  encourage the disabled population to have pitbull’s as service dogs. Alexandra believes that pitbulls are misjudged, misunderstood and discriminated, just like the disabled children she currently works with at Shake a Leg. It is her goal to be the voice of pitbulls as well as for special needs children and show others about how wonderful they really are.“It is my mission to change the attitudes people have towards pitbulls and show them that pitties lives matter too!”



PIT-NIC November 13th, 2016

Click here to RSVP



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November 12, 2013




A Miami resident and his wife filed suit on Tuesday against Miami-Dade County, alleging the County has unlawfully ordered removal of his pit bull from the County.

Lucky is a pit bull and he is Felix Conde’s service dog.  Since 1989 Miami has enforced an ordinance which prohibits ownership of pit bull dogs within the jurisdiction.  The ordinance makes no exception for dogs which are genuine service animals under the Americans with Disabilities Act.  Earlier this year Miami-Dade ordered Mr. Conde to remove Lucky from the jurisdiction, which he did, and subsequently assessed more than $10,000 in penalties against Mr. Conde.

Mr. Conde and his wife have file the lawsuit in federal court in Miami, asking for a declaration that the Miami-Dade County ordinance violates federal law, namely the Americans with Disabilities Act, and that the County has violated the plaintiffs’ civil rights by removing Lucky from them and assessing penalties.

“There is simply no way a breed-specific ownership ban can survive under federal law, so as to be enforced against a disabled person and their service dog.  Other courts have reached the same conclusion.  But during the prior proceedings the County just refused to listen”, said the Plaintiffs’ attorney, Andy Dogali of Tampa.

A copy of the complaint is available at For more information contact Mr. Dogali at 813.289.0700 or, or the Miami Coalition Against Breed Specific Legislation at