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Director’s Corner



Dear MCABSL Members:

The Miami Coalition Against Breed Specific Legislation (MCABSL) , is a non-profit org. in the state of Florida. It’s primary purpose is to fight BSL. This organization has been doing so relentlessly for over 10 years. The changes it has brought, not only in Miami Dade-County but elsewhere, are  mind blowing. The thousands of dogs it has saved, even though it is not a rescue, are countless. The education and awareness it has brought and continues to bring about, eradicate the myths and are to the point. We perform power point presentations, speak before commissions, travel with our message, assist our members with BSL issues and others, network with other organizations, offer promo merchandise to spread the word, all this while keeping an eye on the prized target…eliminating BSL from Miami Dade-County! We need your help as we cannot do it alone. Join us in the good fight, for them. They are the reason we do this and they are the reason we shall succeed.The year 2016 is our year! Donate what you can, no amount is too small. We offer tees, wrist bands, hoodies, hats, etc. to spread our message of hope in our store. Check ’em out please. Together nothing is impossible, no matter how difficult and arbitrary it may seem. As always….

Our mission is stated and let there be no doubt, we will reach our goal! Cleverness, although popular, is not a substitute for sound thinking, as our errant thoughts run into the harsh judgment of authority and criticism. We were sent back to the drawing board to consider faulty assumptions and improve our strategies accordingly. However much has been accomplished, Breed Specific Legislation and its relentless persecution of innocent lives, is a reality we must face. When the walls of reality are closing in, it’s time to look beyond them. We have a very long transit and we must pass those barriers. The fight we face, we will face together. MCABSL will never give up on spreading the word, on educating and bringing about the much needed awareness, on standing up to City Hall, on taking in legislative measures, on working with the media, on opposing inhumane laws, on dealing with dog fighting and animal abuse, on counseling and assisting those dog owners who are facing immediate danger and most importantly eradicating BSL.

Hold on to your seats, it’s gonna be a bumpy ride! In the name of all those fallen angels, in the name of all those heartbroken family members and in the name of justice…we will win this battle!

In Hope and Commitment

Dahlia Canes ~Founder/Director for the MCABSL. (