Cutler Bay Golf Cart Parade 2020

Tentative for Friday October 30th

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Gwen’s Story

It was a Sunday morning when I received a call from a TV producer that in her neighborhood there was a dog in really bad shape and she was afraid it was going to die, as no one could get near it to rescue it. They were feeding, giving it water and gave this poor pup a blanket to lay on. I grabbed my MDAS rope leash and went over. The Pibble dog was nestled in a compound of bushes and impenetrable trees. After much to do an hour later, give or take, we were able to rescue the dog.  She was in horrible shape. Her ribs showing, scars on her body, nipples hanging, eyes infected and her ears had been cut with the thread still hanging on the lobe. I brought her home and fed her and made her comfortable for the night. She had such a lost look of sadness within her eyes. The next day I promptly took her to Dr. Jimenez at Biscayne Vet Center. Ceci from Miami Day Spa groomed her completely. Then it was Dr. Jimenez turn. We had to register her and there was no name yet? So he took a magazine handed it to me and there was Gwen Stefani on the cover…thus Gwen was born. She was given full medical care and sent on her way while under observation. Franco Sicheri, our dog behaviorists, came into full mode. He took Gwen in for the next 3 months into his care to correct any behavior issues and help her come out of her shell. For this MCABSL put in a fund raiser and donations were put to good use. When she was able to be fostered, one of our Board of Directors, Carolyn, took her in and she shared the home with another Pibble. She passed the test with flying colors. Now it was time for a permanent home. Another one of our Board of Directors, Irene, took her in to “see how it went”….complete foster failure! Gwen is now her official Service Dog and lives with her companion cat, Logan. She is doing well and thriving. Sometimes it takes the “MCABSL Village” to get it done but…we get it done! Thanks to ALL who donate and made this possible! Dahlia.