Our Mission:

The Miami Coalition Against Breed Specific Legislation (MCABSL) is a non-profit organization in the State of Florida. Its mission is to eradicate Breed Specific Legislation (BSL) from the face of the earth, starting with Miami Dade County. Implementing education and awareness we have brought monumental changes worldwide. We present informational and educational seminars on all aspects of Breed-Specific Legislation to universities,  schools, and government entities. We assist in bringing forth humane legislation for animal welfare. We are involved in addressing illegal dog fighting rings, abusive tethering, and the illegal sales of dogs. We have a team of trial-ready legal counsels who support and fight for our mission under the court of law.  Breed Specific Legislation is a form of canine discrimination, targeting a specific breed(s) of dog(s) based solely on physical characteristics and myths, and we will not rest until it no longer exists.

About Us

MCABSL is a Miami based organization fighting for all the voiceless canines targeted by Breed Specific Legislation. Our goal is to remove BSL from Miami Dade County and to continue fighting against similar legislation throughout our country, with the help of our in house counsel and Animal Attorney we hope to make this a reality.

How BSL Affects You

In Miami-Dade County, American Pit Bull Terriers, American Staffordshire Terriers, Staffordshire Bull Terriers and their Mixes are illegal but in other parts of the Country and the World, many other breeds are affected by BSL.

We Need You

We are in need of volunteers! This non -profit organization sworn to fight Breed Specific Legislation cannot do it alone… the dogs need you to help us spread the lasting message! Let’s make this coming year full of hope and new beginnings.

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Join Us In Fighting Against Breed Specific Legislation!

We are looking for those individuals who love animals and will be willing to help out during our events and fundraisers. We are also looking for members who would like to spread awareness throughout the community.